Birds Park Resort

Birds Park, Hambantota, is one of the very few destinations for bird and nature lovers looking for a calm and relaxed experience, yet with ample time to view, study and enjoy the beasts of the air. Our Resort surrounded by natural greenary, a lake and wildlife invites you to enjoy and feel the fresh air, chirps of birds and tropical breeze that will make you calm, relaxed and soothed like no other... Conveniently located within the park premises and close to Nagara Lake makes our resort a sanctuary of rest and beautiful viewing experiences. Do not be surprised if you get in house birds such as peacocks coming into your door step or balcony for a visit. Being newly built, our resort has all the facilities needed for your stay to be luxurious and more. All rooms are equipped with AC, Hot Water, Cable TV, WiFi and all the facilities of a star class hotel.