Birds Park, Hambantota

The position of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean at the southernmost tip of the Indian subcontinent is of great importance for long distance migrant shorebirds

Birds Park is a home to endemic and exotic birds with over 180 varieties and around 3200 birds. The park which is located in the Southern part of the island expands on a landscape of 35 acres and is dedicated to create awareness and interest in wild life and the Importance of Conservation of fauna and flora.

The Centre breeds endangered bird species with the assistance of foreign bird breeding centers and exchange of rare species with other zoological gardens in the world. It also facilitates university students and research fellows to conduct studies and research thus creating academic and professional ties with the reputed academic and research institutions in the subject of ornithology.

The park contributes in both social and economic structures in the area.  It provides direct employment generation for around 50 families and trains the local youth as bird watching guides who can support tourist excursions in Bundala and kumana sanctuaries. These factors along with regional development initiatives focused towards nature tourism helps increase regional revenue to the area and eventually resulting in an improvement In the quality of life of the locality.